Our Story
We started off as work colleagues, became best friends & now we are business partners.
We came up with the concept of SugaRush after a trip to Thailand together where we came across fun, fruity & sweet alcoholic drinks during our mission to visit as many restaurants and bars across the island of Koh Samui as possible. We are passionate about fun and flavour...afterall, a good cocktail is important!
We soon realised that we both had tried some pretty cool drinks as we shared our various cocktail sipping stories with each other. We wanted to bring the sweet, colourful, fun and carefree vibe of beach life back to LDN. Inspired by the array of novelty sweet drinks that we've tasted from around the world, SugaRush was conceived in 2016 & born in 2018.
We’ve put our heart and soul into creating flavours we love as much as our customers do, so if you’re planning your next event, drop us a line…we’d love to hear from you!
Kyra and Sonet xoxo